A New Type of Supernova Unlocks Thousand-Year-Old Stellar Mysteries

Around July 4, 1054, Chinese astronomers recorded a “guest star” that shone so brightly, it was visible in broad daylight for 23 days. The remnants


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The Tropics satellite constellation will reduce this lag, offering a new, detailed look at each 16- to 24-kilometer region in the lower latitudes every 30


An Observatory Spied on LA’s Carbon Emissions—From Area

Whereas most individuals is perhaps attracted by the perpetually sunny skies, close by ocean, or mountains hugging the Los Angeles basin, environmental engineer Annmarie Eldering


The Thriller of Betelgeuse’s Dimming Has Lastly Been Solved

In December 2019, astronomers observed an odd, dramatic dimming within the mild from Betelgeuse, a shiny purple star within the Orion constellation. They puzzled over


GPS III’s Lengthy Journey Is Choosing Up Velocity

With the launch of a fifth new-generation satellite tv for pc, the US lastly has a constellation in a position to globally beam M-Code alerts


Watch Dwell: China Sends Astronauts to House Station

China launches the Shenzhou-12 spacecraft carrying three astronauts from Jiuquan Satellite tv for pc Launch Middle to the partially constructed Tianhe house station the place


NASA Would possibly Put a Large Telescope on the Far Facet of the Moon

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How Do You Make a Robotic Stroll on Mars? It is a Steep Problem

From the Sojourner rover, which landed on Mars in 1997, to Perseverance, which touched down in February, the robots of the Pink Planet share a


How Dangerous Is It to Ship Jeff Bezos to the Fringe of Area?

A Blue Origin spokesperson declined to reply questions from WIRED concerning the sort of coaching the Bezos brothers will obtain prematurely of their flight, and