“UNHCR is extremely worried about the latest developments inside Tigray, particularly in the capital, Mekelle. While, we are thankful that our staff are all safe and accounted for, we are concerned about the lack of communication as both electrical, power and phone networks are not functioning. This is making it even more difficult for our staff to work and deliver humanitarian assistance. We call for calm and restraint, and appeal to all parties to the conflict to abide by international law, to protect civilians, including people who have been displaced, and to ensure that humanitarian workers can continue to exercise their duties and reach as many people as they can, which are in need of vital assistance right now.” “We from our side of W.H.O., we are taking measures to strengthen the security and well-being of our staff. But at the same time, we are continuing to deliver activities where it is possible to do so. And this includes activities in I.D.P. camps around surveillance and access to essential health care, and increasing the number of mobile health clinics. Obviously concerned about potential for cholera, measles and malaria outbreaks in the region, in addition, Tigray region is also located in the meningitis belt, and it is at the risk of a yellow fever outbreak. Hospitals that are barely functioning, people being displaced and the looming famine. The risk of communicable and vaccine-preventable diseases spreading due to the lack of food, clean water, safe shelter and access to health care is very real. And all these factors combined are literally a recipe for a larger epidemic.”

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