BRADENTON, Fla. (WFLA) – Jon Royster was on a fishing journey off the coast of Anna Maria Island final weekend when the West Bradenton resident and his fellow fisherman encountered a big whale shark.

Royster who was aboard the vessel with Captain Lance aside of the Florida Fishing Fleet have been on the water when three massive whale sharks got here as much as their boat, one thing they by no means anticipated,

“Greatest I’ve ever seen within the Gulf in 15 years,” Lance mentioned,

“I’ve seen so many cool issues since I’ve been down right here from the whale shark to a large manta ray to even a large leatherback turtle just a few unimaginable issues,” Royster mentioned.

The whale shark, the most important fish within the sea, weighs 20.6 tons on common and may attain lengths of 40 toes or extra.

Like many whales, the shark filter-feeds and sometimes eats plankton with its prolonged, gaping mouth whereas swimming near the floor of the ocean, based on Nationwide Geographic.

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